Hi my name is Rob Dowling and I am a mindful stress reduction coach based in Truro, Cornwall. I provide coaching and classes to indivduals or small groups who are loooking to reduce stress and ultimately lead a stress free life.

Like most people I did not think I was particularly stressed or anxious until I had my first panic attack at the age of 23. However, looking back it was apparent that there were many signs that I chose to ignore.

I spent many years living in South- East Asia and India as a spiritual seeker and monk looking for meaning an understanding of life. But what became clear was that I was not addressing the source of my relationship with stress namely my thoughts. My panic disorder lasted for many years and lead ultimately to depression. Unable to find any real help within the health and mental help systems I decided to help myself. I engaged in detailed study of  stress and anxiety from the perspective of neuroscience and buddhist psychology. ImportntlyI also begana daily practice of mindfulness and meditation.

I now live a simple stress and anxiety free life. I coach people from all backgrouds and ages including working with a number of local schools to help change both students and teachers perception of and reaction to stress. If you are struggling in anyway please feel free to contact me at anytime to discuss how we could work together to reduce your stress and ultimately to live a happier stress free life. Please contact me on 07966237344 or email rob@bestressfree.co.uk

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